Windows 10 Upgrade

Microsoft has announced a “Free” upgrade to Windows 10.  This opportunity is only available for another month and expires on July 29, 2016.  After that date the cost of the software update will be $199 per license.

Windows 10 has been available since July 29th, 2015.  Many Software Applications are now compatible with Windows 10 and most of the original product challenges have been resolved.  This provides an excellent opportunity to upgrade your Windows 7 and 8 desktop and laptop Operating Systems to the most current version, without the cost.

Reasons to consider a move to Windows 10:

·         New, bolder style user interface.

·         Improved search features, including Cortana; a voice recognition search utility.

·         Improved file management features for searching, managing and moving files.

·         Improved Notifications area, with alerts ordered in chronological order.

·         Enhanced workspace management, with virtual desktops and improved multi-monitor support.

·         Native Hard Drive Encryption through BitLocker; a utility that encrypts files to eliminate unauthorized access.

·         Native Biometric Security through “Windows Hello”; a utility that requires authentication via fingerprint or facial recognition.

The upgrade requires roughly 1.5 hours per device to install and configure.  Please contact CCEX sales to request a proposal.

It is important to verify that your existing applications are fully compatible and that old drivers, applications, and OEM software packages are removed prior to the upgrade.

As always, feel free to contact CCEx with any questions or comments.

By: Jeffrey Pena

Posted in CCEX Information