Network Design



CCEX will collaborate with your team to design your network based on your organization’s anticipation for future growth. Planning a design method that allocates room for growth can save you from losing time, money, and a lot of future frustration.



Be prepared for a network failure and unavailability with an adequate network redundancy process in place. CCEX will set up any redundant components and services for organizations that cannot function without connection to the internet or host their own web servers. CCEX will implement a network redundancy process, as a second backup connection, to make sure any potential downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.



CCEX will build and design a continuously dependable and reliable network. Maximize your uptime with a high performance infrastructure!



CCEX will manage your network planning process to provide an effective network design for you. This process will include three main steps:

  • Topological Design – We will determine where to place and connect components.
  • Network-synthesis – We will determine the size of the components being used as well as a routing plan.
  • Network realization – We will determine how to meet capacity standard to increase reliability within your infrastructure.