Network Services

On-site or off, CCEX offers comprehensive network service agreements that are right for every budget. At every step of your company’s network support, CCEX has proven solutions to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

Our network services include:


Network Assessment

Are you looking to improve or expand your network? CCEX will assess your network (at no cost) for any signs of weakness in your current infrastructure, IT processes or policies and provide a comprehensive strategy to correct any problems and optimize your network’s performance.


Network Design

An effective network design is a vital component to building out successful network implementations. CCEX will enhance your design plan’s predictability and consistency in relation to performance, security, availability, scalability, running costs, design goals and design principles.


Network Installation

There are certain steps that should be taken to ensure security when installing a new network. CCEX understands that your time is a priority, which is why we will work with you to determine what settings you need so your network lines up with your preferences. CCEX will complete each task required before, during, and after installation.


CyberSecurity & Vulnerability Analysis

Secure your organization’s network and comply with required mandates through our cybersecurity services and solutions. CCEX’s security and vulnerability analysis will allow your organization to share data and infrastructure in a safe and secure manner.  CCEX has partnered with SecureState to provide complete security and vulnerability testing, review and implementation that exceeds Government regulatory requirements


Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery plan is a written plan of actions that are taken after a catastrophic event that enable you to resume business operations.  CCEX understands that services and support vary, depending on a companies’ specific needs, point of recovery, and objective time which is why we remain dedicated to finding a strategic disaster recovery plan that works for you.  CCEX utilizes specific contingencies such as Anti-Virus software, Firewalls, redundant server storage devices and backup power sources to mitigate potential system outages.  CCEX also provides a full range of off site data backup, replication and virutalization strategies to mitigate disaster recovery situations.  CCEX also offers regular Disaster Recovery process testing and evaluation.



Reduce your IT expenses and increase employee productivity, efficiency, and availability by virtualizing your network servers and applications. CCEX will merge your organization’s available resources into manageable parts, creating a manageable network through Hyper-V or VMware virtualization.