Server Management


Server Monitoring

CCEX will monitor your servers for slow or failing components, power, Internet connection, and key application services so that potential failures and failures can be addressed before they can cause harm or negatively business operations. CCEX utilizes GFIMAX server monitoring software to monitor hardware and software performance 24 x 7.  CCEX receives an automatic notification from GFIMAX anytime a problem or potential problem is identified, no matter the time of day or night.  CCEX engineers can immediately begin to mitigate the problem, minimizing the potential for an interruption to business operations.  GFIMAX/CCEX provide monthly reports that summarize system performance and highlight potential problems.


Server Reporting

Monthly server reports allow administrators to gain valued insight into your company’s data center. They will also allow you to understand the overall health of your entire infrastructure by organizing and aggregating data from reports on uptime, traffic, capacity issues, etc.


Patch Management

CCEX will assist clients with configuring desktop and laptop computers to automatically receive and install Microsoft Updates and Patches as they are released by the OEM.  Patches are OEM released software updates designed to resolve known vulnerabilities in the software that may allow outside exploitation of your desktop or server.  CCEX also offers services to provide automatic installation of OEM software patches and updates for servers and firewalls.  These are cost effective services that are part of our Managed Services Portfolio, designed to protect key business systems.