Network & Security Management


Intrusion Detection

When it comes to finding the threats in your corporate environment, an intrusion detection system will inspect all network activity to identify suspicious actions that may indicate an attack on your network or system.  CCEX has partnered with SecureState to provide industry leading evaluation, planning and testing of you business network that exceeds regulatory requirements.  The best offense is defense when it comes to intrusion monitoring and detection.  CCEX can help design and implement a system that will ensure protection of key business systems and data.  CCEX assesses the risk—specific to your environment—before implementing an effective security-monitoring program.  CCEX utilizes Watchguard and Cisco firewalls and Wireless Access devices to restrict unauthorized access to private business networks.


Firewall Management

Avoid unauthorized access and costly breaches by integrating CCEX’s firewall services. A firewall is a shield that protects your network from intruders and implements a communications barrier between a trusted, secure internal network and an untrusted network. Business environments are constantly changing, meaning all devices must be managed, upgraded and patched to stay ahead of the latest threats. CCEX isolates opportunities to avoid standard problems while ensuring and enhancing security.


Switch Management

As companies grow at a rapid pace it is important to make sure that your networked device communications are secure, fluid, and efficient. A switch is a tool used to connect multiple devices to a network. Although network switches traditionally save businesses a significant amount of money and increase employee productivity, a breach in security on a core switch can bring large networks to a complete standstill. CCEX will monitor your network switches so employees can share information and allocate resources in a safe and accessible atmosphere.


Data Loss Prevention

As technology continues to advance, companies become more susceptible to the risk of data loss.To address this need CCEX provides off site backup services, off site cloud Hosted Virtualization services, and off site server replication services.  System Software and data files are critical to business operations.  CCEX can review existing processes and make recommendations to prevent data loss as well as devise a data backup solution that best meets the needs of your business.