Desktop & Helpdesk Management


Desktop Monitoring

CCEX can provide desktop monitoring services that routinely reviews desktop performance, as well as tracks your desktop assets, software and software versions, Patches and Network connection.  CCEX utilizes GFIMAX software to continuously monitor and report performance issues and it provides monthly performance reports and fixed asset reports on demand.


Patch Management

A patch is a small piece of software used to quickly repair a problematic programs or software systems.  Software patches are repairs to known vulnereabilities that could potentially allow unauthorized access to or exploitation of your business desktops or servers.  Patches are also designed to enhance performance.   CCEX can configure your desktop and laptop computers to receive automatic Microsoft updates and patches.  CCEX can also provide atuomatic installation of Microsoft updates and patches for your Microsoft servers.


Anti-Virus Management

Make sure your company’s infrastructure is secure! CCEX’s Anti-Virus Management package will protect your servers and workstations from spyware, malware, trojans, and viruses.

CCEX’s Anti-Virus services include:
Regular definition file updates, outbreak management and clean up, system tests, definition file update and distribution tracking