Cloud Services


Cloud Server Hosting

Host your websites, files, images, Applications and/or similar content with CCEX’s cloud hosting service. CCEX’s virtual server allows you to control your server environment through increased accessibility and reliability.

icons-spamApplication Hosting

Let CCEX take responsibility for your applications, through a remote cloud infrastructure. Application hosting will improve your functionality experience and reduce the risk of a local system corruption.

icons-cloudstorageCloud Backups

Our cloud backup services allows you to securely backup critical data, operating system and application files to a secure remote facility.  Files are easily accessible 24-hours a day.  This service eliminates the requirement for manual intervention in the backup process and the requirement for offsite storage of backup tapes or drives.  CCEX provides a number of cost-effective automatic/remote backup solutions.

icons-hostedemailHosted Mail

This is a cost-effective solution to managing and maintaining your own email server.  CCEX is a premier provider of Microsoft Office 365, which is the leading hosted email service.  Allow your employees to access their email, contacts, and calendars from anywhere at anytime! CCEX’s secure hosted mail service can also provide spam and virus protection.

icons-archivedemailMail Archiving

You’ll never lose another email with CCEX’s mail archiving feature. CCEX will preserve your important email data so all of your messages are indexed and searchable.  Our archiving solution exceeds federal regulatory requirements.

Mail EncryptionMail Encryption

Secure your email messages on any email service with CCEX’s mail encryption. CCEX will encrypt your connection to your email provider, current email messages, and all archived messages.

backup-iconCloud Storage

CCEX will assess the nature of your company’s data and provide you with an affordable cloud storage solution. Cloud storage is a convenient, flexible, and cost-efficient solution that stores all of your files and provides you with off-site backup solutions.

icons-spamfilteringSpam Filtering

Filter your spam before it hits your inbox. Spam filtering is a program that is used to discover uninvited and unwanted emails. CCEX will monitor your email to prevent your network from being infiltrated by a virus, worm or trojan horse.  CCEX uses the “industry best” spam filtering software to eliminate unwanted emails and improve office productivity.