Business Continuity



In the event of an emergency, it is crucial to have a business continuity plan to sustain business operations during and after any disruptive event that takes place. Whether you experience a power outage, system crash or natural disaster, CCEX will minimize losses, down times and the impact on your customers by preparing a unique plan based on your companies needs.


Off-Site Backup

Protect your confidential data with CCEX’s off-site data backup. CCEX will send your important data offsite to a vaulted system to ensure that your servers can be restored with all relevant data in the event that your onsite backups are stolen or destroyed.



Many businesses require their employees to work after hours or from remote locations. This requires the ability to virtualize a user’s entire desktop so they are able to access all of the data, services and applications that are normally available to them at their local office. CCEX can effectively manage, support and secure your company’s applications through server virtualization.  Virtualization can also be used to provide multiple services on a single server as well as complete redundancy for easy Disaster Recovery.



The final step to developing an effective business continuity process is to test the plan. CCEX will develop a successful business continuity testing strategy and then conduct these tests to verify your plan’s effectiveness.